(Richard Strauss)
Klytämnestra = Agnes Baltsa
( 2005 March 13, 16, 19, 22, Elektra (R.Strauss),  Tokyo Opera Nomori

Set Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design



First Maid
Second Maid
Third Maid
Fourth Maid
Fifth Maid
Old Servant
Young Servant

Deborah Polaski
Agnes Baltsa
Christine Goerke
Franz Grundheber
Chris Merritt
Ellen Rabiner
Zheng Cao
Jane Dutton
Rosalind Sutherland
Jennifer Check
Misayo Tanaka
Hiroko Mahara
Sahoko Sato
Koji Yamashita
Makoto Narita
Yuichi Narumi
Seiji Ozawa
Robert Carsen
Michael Levine
Vazul Matusz
Robert Carsen
Peter van Praet
Philippe Giraudeau
Ian Burton
Tokyo Opera Nomori Orchestra
Tokyo Opera Nomori Chorus
Seiji Ozawa brings Japan its first opera company

"Japan has always imported high-level opera productions from Italy, Vienna or Paris and I thought its about time we create one here," Ozawa told AFP.

"It is really the first time in Japan," he said with pride, a beer in his hand, in the hallowed halls of Tokyo's Bunka Kaikan.

Dressed in a yukata, a casual kimono, Ozawa, the music director of the Vienna State Opera, has reason to relax. He has just finished the fourth and final performance of Richard Strauss' "Elektra," the first production of the Tokyo Opera Nomori.

The company's name literally means "the Tokyo forest opera," as it is based in the huge historic park of Ueno. The name came from Tokyo's populist governor, Shintaro Ishihara, as the metropolitan government sponsors the opera project born four years ago.

The inaugural season, which ran from March 13 to 22, was dedicated to Richard Strauss, with performances of "Elektra" but also lieder and orchestral works by the German composer.

Ozawa, who is the company's artistic director, put together a dazzling collection of stars for "Elektra," which was co-produced by Florence's Maggio Musicale.

In Tokyo, the American soprano Deborah Polaski, reputed to be "the greatest Elektra of the post-war period", interpreted the title role of Agamemnon's daughter for the 138th time.

The Greek mezzo-soprano Agnes Baltsa performed as the conniving mother Clytemnestra, the American soprano Christine Goerke played daughter Chrysothemis and the German baritone Franz Grundheber was the banished brother Orestes.

The Canadian Robert Carsen directed an "Elektra" which is "conceptual" but accessible, with the minimalist stage mostly dark reflecting Elektra's tortured soul, a set-up which will be brought to Florence in 2008.

"It's a beautiful and moving project because it was born here," said Carsen's assistant, the Frenchman Jean-Michel Criqui, hailing the extreme professionalism and enthusiasm of the Japanese.

For Seiji Ozawa, the Tokyo Opera Nomori is "a dream become reality."

"We're lucky in Tokyo that great opera companies like the Vienna State Opera and the Metropolitan Opera come here to perform," he said.

"My goal with Tokyo Opera Nomori is to create a company comprised of Japanese musicians, together with world-class singers, where the productions would originate in Japan," Ozawa said.

"Then these productions would be exported to other countries and festivals, instead of Japan always importing productions from elsewhere."

For now, the Tokyo Opera Nomori will have only one major production each year, but Ozawa "hopes someday we can expand the season".

The schedule is set until 2008. Next year, the Nomori will have Verdi on its repertoire, putting on "Otello" in collaboration with the Vienna State Opera, and The Requiem.

In 2007, the Nomori will turn to Wagner. Ozawa will direct "Tannhauser," a co-production with the Paris Opera and the Vienna State Opera. The following year the Nomori will perform Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin."

Ozawa, who remains energetic even though he turns 70 this year, has been a prophet of sorts in Japan where he has been at the forefront of the national passion for Western classical music.

Ozawa has had a long international career, spending nearly three decades at the Boston Symphony Orchestra before moving to Vienna in 2002, but he remains deeply attached to Japan.

In 1984, he founded the Saito Kinen orchestra in tribute to his mentor and professor Hideo Saito.

And each summer since 1992, he has brought together the best Japanese musicians and leading Western names to Matsumoto in the Japanese Alps for the Saito Kinen festival, the first international classical music festival in Japan.

After the adventure of launching the Tokyo Opera Nomori, Ozawa, who was born in China during the Japanese occupation, will in October direct "The Barber of Seville" in Shanghai.

"I love working in China," Ozawa said. "That's where I was born, you know."

March 2007
-1, 4, 7 & 10, Elektra (R. Strauss), Megaron.gr

Klytaemnestra: Agnes Baltsa
Elektra: Nadine Secunde
Chrysothemis: Inga Nielsen
Aegisth: Arild Helleland
Orest: Harry Peeters

Overseer: Julia Sougklakou
Serving women: Maria Vlahopoulou, Maria Mitsopoulou, Eleni Liona

Athens State Orchestra
Conductor: Johan Arnell
Athens, Megaron

April 2007
- 23, 27, Elektra (R. Strauss), Wiener Staatsoper
May 2007
- 1, 5, Elektra (R. Strauss), Wiener Staatsoper

Inszenierung: Harry Kupfer
Bühnenbild: Hans Schavernoch
Kostüme: Reinhard Heinrich
Musikalische Studienleitung: Gerhard Schlüsslmayr

Musikalische Leitung: Peter Schneider
nach einer Inszenierung von: Harry Kupfer
Bühnenbild: Hans Schavernoch
Kostüme: Reinhard Heinrich
Chorleitung: Ernst Dunshirn

Klytämnestra: Agnes Baltsa
Elektra: Deborah Polaski
Chrysothemis: Melanie Diener
Aegisth: Michael Roider
Orest: Egils Silinš
Pfleger des Orest: Goran Simic
Vertraute: Waltraud Winsauer
Schleppträgerin: Nadia Krasteva
junger Diener: Benedikt Kobel
alter Diener: Johannes Wiedecke
Aufseherin: Margareta Hintermeier
1. Magd: Zoryana Kushpler
2. Magd: Juliette Mars
3. Magd: Michaela Selinger
4. Magd: Ǻsa Elmgren
5. Magd: Caroline Wenborne

October 2007
- 19, 23, 27, 31, Elektra (R. Strauss), Wiener Staatsoper

Dirigent Michael Boder
      Klytämnestra Agnes Baltsa
Elektra Deborah Polaski
Chrysothemis Silvana Dussmann
Aegisth Michael Roider
Orest Ain Anger
November 2007
- 24, 28, Elektra (R. Strauss), Staatsoper Budapest
December 2007
- 1, Elektra (R. Strauss), Staatsoper Budapest
       2007. november 24., szombat  Operaház  19:00  német nyelven  Premier - bérlet

Egyfelvonásos tragédia

ZeneszerzőRichard Strauss
SzövegíróHugo Hofmannstahl
Magyar nyelvű feliratokMesterházi Máté
RendezőKovalik Balázs
DíszlettervezőAntal Csaba
JelmeztervezőBenedek Mari
KarigazgatóSzabó Sipos Máté

KarmesterKovács János

KlytemneistraAgnes Baltsa
ElektraNadine Secunde
ChrysothemisBátori Éva
AegistosGulyás Dénes
OrestesPerencz Béla
Orestes nevelőjeCser Krisztián
Klytemneistra bizalmasaBalogh Tímea
UszályhordozónőPolyák Valéria
Fiatal szolgaMegyesi Zoltán
Öreg szolgaSzegedi Csaba 
A felügyelőnőKukely Júlia
1. szolgálóBalatoni Éva
2. szolgálóÉrsek Dóra 
3. szolgálóMester Viktória
4. szolgálóFodor Beatrix
5. szolgálóWierdl Eszter

January 2008
- 30, Elektra (R. Strauss), Munich (Bayerische Staatsoper)
February 2008
- 2, Elektra (R. Strauss), Munich (Bayerische Staatsoper)

February 2008
- 24, 26, 29, Elektra (R. Strauss), Florence
March 2008
- 2, 5, Elektra (R. Strauss), Florence

Information Plan
2007/2008 Season Opera

Tragedy in one act by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
music by Richard Strauss
conductor SEIJI OZAWA

singers and musicians


production New production in association with Tokyo Opera Nomori

place Teatro Comunale
road Corso Italia, 16
city Florence (FI)

phone 899.666.805 - 055 2779350

24-02-2008, h 20.30
26-02-2008, h 20.30
29-02-2008, h 20.30
02-03-2008, h 15.30
05-03-2008, h 20.30

July 2008
- 25, Elektra (R. Strauss), Munich (Bayerische Staatsoper)
Musikalische Leitung Johannes Debus  
Inszenierung, Bühne, Kostüme, Licht Herbert Wernicke  
Chöre Andrés Máspero 

Klytämnestra Agnes Baltsa  
Elektra Gabriele Schnaut  
Chrysothemis Melanie Diener 30. Jan., 2. Feb. 2008 
Eva-Maria Westbroek 25. Juli 2008 
Aegisth Reiner Goldberg  
Orest Gerd Grochowski  
Der Pfleger des Orest Steven Humes  
Die Vertraute Anita Berry  
Ein junger Diener Kenneth Roberson  
Die Aufseherin Irmgard Vilsmaier 30. Jan., 2. Feb. 2008 
Yvonne Wiedstruck 25. Juli 2008 
Zweite Magd Helena Jungwirth  
Dritte Magd Daniela Sindram  
Vierte Magd Lana Kos  
Fünfte Magd Aga Mikolaj  

Das Bayerische Staatsorchester
Der Chor der Bayerischen Staatsoper